Your essential briefing on the #Ineos Grenadier is here. Land Rover style, 21st century tech?

Time to #win a great R/C car! CAR is giving one lucky winner the chance to win a #tamiyarc 4WD Audi Quattro Rallye A2 worth £145! Enter now to be in for a chance of winning this exciting prize:

Mike Ojo always enjoyed building things. He originally planned to buy a used plane, but realized that to get the plane he wanted, he had to build it. He's documenting his project as he spends 1500 hours to build his own plane.

When stickers and cars clash... is a @nuerburgring logo all at sea on the back of a #Volvo XC90, or is that just shorthand that the owner has something else more athletic in the garage? 🏁

What a surreal summer: our @TimPollardCars has enjoyed splendid isolation in the super-luxurious #Bentley Continental GT V8 Coupe: pampering, lithe, velvet-fisted grand-touring like no other. Follow his exploits in our long-term test diaries ⤵️

This #Peugeot e-208 passed through our hands recently: a super-rounded small electric car whose 50kWh battery ensures a decent real-world range. We never matched the claimed 217 miles but it was over 150 and that was in the hottest week of the year... ⚡️☀️ 👌

Learn how to leverage texting to meet your customers on their preferred communication channel and increase customer satisfaction.

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