The U.S. Navy’s next fighter will be designed exclusively for naval service and without cooperation that will result in variants for other services.

We've papped next year's new #Jaguar F-type. Slick new lights and more revealed in our latest scoop story 📸

Mackmyra, a 20-year-old Swedish distillery, has announced a partnership with Microsoft and Fourkind, a Finnish technology consultancy, to create the world’s very first whisky developed with artificial intelligence.

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This dogfighting dynamo was designed to win a war that never happened. Several decades—and one star-making turn in Top Gun—later, it’s now an endangered species.

The report says that the pilot became confused while visually tracking a F-22 Raptor stealth fighter, thinking he was flying to the right when he was actually flying vertically.

Japan's new bullet train can hit 224 mph. Sure, the train won't be taking passengers for at least another decade. But lord, is it fast.

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