A fire pit is the essential centerpiece to any campsite. But when you’re traveling to different campgrounds, parks, festivals, or even just the backyard, it’s difficult to lug around a heavy metal fire pit. Biolite changes that.

🌐 The automotive industry faces a new level of disruption. Recent consumer facing technologies, evolving service offerings, and new business models will all be potential threats to current ventures. 🌐
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Who makes the best family hatchback? In the new issue of CAR magazine, we find out...

Friends Tim Panek and Craig Hall have been best buds for 20 years. They invented The Bripe, an ultra-light, ultra-portable way for coffee to be enjoyed outdoors

Talk about a heavy disguise! We reveal the next-generation #MercedesBenz SL. Full scoop dossier here:

This week’s issue:

• GM’s AV play
• Fiat Chrysler’s tech leap
• 100 years of Mazda
• Subaru’s EV strategy
• Genesis’ Super Bowl splash
• Tesla’s Michigan win

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Read our full review of the new #Honda e, the cutesy electric city car right here ⤵️⚡️🔌

The evergreen #Fiat 500 goes (mild) hybrid - and UK prices have just been announced, starting at under £13k

What a charmEr: we drive the new, all-electric #Honda e - and we're rather smitten:
► Cute looks make it stand out
► Priced from £26,160
► Finance from £299 a month
► Compact 35kWh battery = 125-137-mile range
Full review by @tom_goodlad this way ⤵️⚡️

Driven: the new #Smart EQ Fortwo, the UK's cheapest pure electric car ⚡️🔌💷

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